Hard times in the poker world

Original Bankroll $1500
Current Bankroll $1406.33
Profit/Loss -$93.67

It’s has a been a struggle to say the least, since my first post my results are:

Tournaments Sit n Go’s Cash Games
Tourneys Played: 32 SNG Played: 61 Cash Sessions: 46
Total MTT Revenue: $0.24 Total SNG Revenue: $37.05 Total Hous Played: 15.8
Total MTT Cost: -$44.09 Total SNG Cost: -$53.70 Current Month Hours: 15.8
Total MTT Profit: -$43.85 Total SNG Profit: -$16.65 Total Cash Profit: -$33.17
MTT ITM%: 3.13% SNG ITM%: 27.87% Dollars/Hour: -$2.10
MTT ROI: -99.46% SNG ROI: -31.01% Cash ROI: -33.56%

Now down $93.67, I have tried playing many different styles loose, aggressive, tight aggressive, super tight but still can’t to find the balance int he game. It’s not many games as I have been busy with relocating temporarily to another country for work.

A few cash outs here and there – played in a low $35 tournament at a local casino.

Mentally its not fun when you’re on a losing streak getting bad beats with disgusting hands. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had Aces crushed with a sub par hand and quads over full houses etc.

Goals for the next month
Really look after the bankroll follow the 5% rule.
Be disciplined
Take time to think before making brash decisions

I will also take a break from Pokerstars and play other poker sites for experience in the software, the range of players and the different bonuses to receive. Some of the sites I will look at are:

Party poker
Betfair poker

Maybe a few more.

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