Hard times in the poker world

Original Bankroll $1500
Current Bankroll $1406.33
Profit/Loss -$93.67

It’s has a been a struggle to say the least, since my first post my results are:

Tournaments Sit n Go’s Cash Games
Tourneys Played: 32 SNG Played: 61 Cash Sessions: 46
Total MTT Revenue: $0.24 Total SNG Revenue: $37.05 Total Hous Played: 15.8
Total MTT Cost: -$44.09 Total SNG Cost: -$53.70 Current Month Hours: 15.8
Total MTT Profit: -$43.85 Total SNG Profit: -$16.65 Total Cash Profit: -$33.17
MTT ITM%: 3.13% SNG ITM%: 27.87% Dollars/Hour: -$2.10
MTT ROI: -99.46% SNG ROI: -31.01% Cash ROI: -33.56%

Now down $93.67, I have tried playing many different styles loose, aggressive, tight aggressive, super tight but still can’t to find the balance int he game. It’s not many games as I have been busy with relocating temporarily to another country for work.

A few cash outs here and there – played in a low $35 tournament at a local casino.

Mentally its not fun when you’re on a losing streak getting bad beats with disgusting hands. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had Aces crushed with a sub par hand and quads over full houses etc.

Goals for the next month
Really look after the bankroll follow the 5% rule.
Be disciplined
Take time to think before making brash decisions

I will also take a break from Pokerstars and play other poker sites for experience in the software, the range of players and the different bonuses to receive. Some of the sites I will look at are:

Party poker
Betfair poker

Maybe a few more.

The mental game

Original Bankroll $1500
Current Bankroll $1499.26

So far it’s been up and downs I’ve won a few 9 person sit n goes – came 2nd in a 45 person Multi table tournament. Other than that I’ve been busting out quite hard.
Its been up and downs but mentally I feel drained emotially after many bad beats and coolers. Hands like busting out with Kings full house against quad 6’s, river beats it all boils down to how strong and disciplined your mental game is. I’ve had some serious tilting on bad beats emotionally I know this makes me play a bad game.
So far i’m breaking even (more or less)

Goals that I need to work on in the next few days:
Overcome tilting mentally by understanding variation is just part of the game
Patience – sometimes playing unnecessary hands are played when