The Poker Challenge 2015

This year is the year of challenges and goals!  I’ve got 1 year to try to make £10000 (US $15000) or over from £1150 ($1500) on online and offline poker. My skills are amateur although i have played many cash and tournaments casually, my personal skills in poker are about 4 years of casual play both online and offline (more offline as i prefer to see people and reactions) Previously i used to play in a weekly local pub league and played in the national tournament winning around £500 coming 3rd out of 200 is people.
I’m more of a “feel” based player rather than calculating pot odds etc, I do prefer Tournament play compared to cash games.
I need to prove to everyone they can make 10k within a year just by playing a certain set of rules when playing poker and playing within limits of the bankroll. I feel anything can be achieved with time and effort especially with Poker.
Predominately I will be playing online on bother Pokerstars and full tilt poker but i will play a few games off line as this is my preference in various casinos across the UK. I will keep my Online poker ID’s anonymous   for the time being as I would prefer no one to play into me while i grind this out.
I will track all my money and live by a strict bankroll of only using 10% anytime i buy into either a cash game or tournament. I will also track every single game and post if up this blog. I will post up a spreadsheet in my next post for everyone to track my progress.

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